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Coins Keeper slowly nodded WSOP Mod Apk Cheats Free Chips her head. Yes. That was precisely what she felt. That is why I sense you even when you are not near? And why I can feel the very beat of your heart? His gaze briefly strayed to where her own heart beat a rapid tattoo against her chest. That is a part of the bonding. Only a part? she prompted. The slender fingers rose, WSOP Mod Apk Cheats Free Chips to thrust through the bronze thickness of his hair. His movement caused the muscles of his chest to bunch and flex in a most fascinating manner. Coins Keeper ruthlessly bit the side of her tongue to keep her thoughts from straying down unwelcome paths. When a vampire discovers his true mate they share what is known as WSOP Mod Apk Cheats Free Chips the Immortal Kiss, he continued at last.

It is the sharing of blood that creates an unbreakable connection. They become one heart, one soul, one mind. Oh, that is beautiful, she murmured softly, oddly not at all disturbed by WSOP Mod Apk Cheats Free Chipsthe thought of such an intimate joining. Perhaps it was because she had already experienced the tentative edges of binding. Or perhaps it was simply the realization that being eternally connected with this gentleman was something to be cherished, not feared.

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