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“You don’t mean Naomi Naomi, do you?” Spenser asked at last. If anything, he sounded bored, and that had to 2020 WSOP Daily Chips For Freebe an act. “Spartan Naomi? The Valkyrie?”Spenser wasn’t the kind of guy to forget a name, and he certainly wouldn’t 2020 WSOP Daily Chips For Freeforgotten Naomi. She was at least two meters tal , so pale that Vaz stil wasn’t sure if 2020 WSOP Daily Chips For Freewas platinum blond or silver-gray. She could take down an Elite or a Brute with her bare hands, and Vaz had seen her do both without breaking a sweat.

She was what a human could become if you took the smartest and strongest, and 2020 WSOP Daily Chips For Free them up with gene therapy, ceramic bone implants, and the most intensive military training the UNSC could offer.Provided you did al that while they were stil little kids, of course. That was the heart of the problem as far as Vaz was concerned. It was a recipe for retribution. And he knew that day had come.

“Yes. Naomi Naomi. Spartan-Zero-One-Zero.” Vaz stood up and handed the 2020 WSOP Daily Chips For Freeto Mal. There was a certain wisdom to stopping digging when you were in a hole, but that would only make Spenser more curious now. “That’s her real name. Naomi Sentzke. I’ve seen her file.”
Spenser nodded, stil pretty relaxed. “Yeah, I wondered when al that crap would come out.”